Especially for dry skin. Removes pimples, scars, sun burn and other specks on your face. Guaranteed therapy for all skin ailments.



Eradicate Eczema, groin irritation, vesicles, ulcerated joints, itches, prickly heat and other skin diseases


Oral Care

Stop bleeding, decay of gums, bad ordour and keeps your mouth fresh.



Remedy for cough, body pain, influenza, headache etc


Amlapitta Suwaya ( Gastritic Cure)

It is a combination based on a secret formula from the Wickramarachchi Ayurvedic family. It is a blend of ayurvedic medicines such as aralu, bulu, nelli, rasakindha, dandhaprasarani, kaluduru, suduru, sahidhalunu. By using this gastritis can be completely cured

Ingredients: Fatigue, indigestion, psychological disorders, mental stress and strain, arthritis, nuritis, erectile dysfunction, oligospermia, etc.

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Shakthi Rathikama Wardhanaleepaya

When a man suffers from erectile dysfunction is gets very difficult for him to satisfy his partner and if you have been suffering from scech problems. then one of the best things.

Ingredients: This lubricant formula contains a potent mixture of all Ayuervedic herbal medicine. Amuekkra Hathawariya , Suwadakottan etc

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Arrests grey hair before age, abnormal Loosing hair and many more sickness related to the head.

Ingredients: Keekiridiya, Nelli, Watake Aralu, Red onions etc

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Diyawediya Suwaya

Very effective medicine for chronic or non chronic diabetic patients.

Ingredients: Kubuk pothu ,Madan pothu, Iramusu, Kothala himbutu, Ranawara Mal etc.

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